Freedom to Quit Smoking

Assistance for Pregnant Women Struggling to Quit Smoking

Smoking during pregnancy has been proven to cause adverse health risks for an unborn child. These health issues range from mild to life-threatening in nature. Looking to help pregnant women stop smoking, Freedom Laser Therapy offers vital information for pregnant mothers who smoke and provides an all-natural method to quit smoking for their children.

Low birth weight is a major risk for unborn children whose mothers smoke
during pregnancy. A study in Norway found that babies born to women who
smoked during pregnancy had significantly lower birth weights than babies
born to non-smokers. On average, babies whose mothers smoked weighed 5
ounces less than babies born to non-smokers. Babies born to two smoking
parents weighed 7 ounces less than babies born to non-smokers on average.

The risks of low birth weight include Necrotizing Enterocolitis and
Intraventricular hemorrhage. Necrotizing Enterocolitis is an intestinal
condition that makes it difficult for a baby to feed. Swelling in the
intestines can occur, and babies who develop this condition shortly after
birth must be treated with intravenous antibiotics. Some babies even need
surgery to remove a portion of their intestines. An Intraventricular
hemorrhage occurs in the brain. Bleeding in the brain can cause swelling
that may lead to brain damage. Low birth weight can even cause future
health issues. Adults who were born with a low birth weight are more
susceptible to conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Low prolactin levels have been observed in women who smoke during
pregnancy. Prolactin is a hormone that triggers milk production in women
shortly after delivery. Women who smoke during
pregnancy may have difficulty breastfeeding due to a deficiency in this
essential hormone. Furthermore, this not only exposes the baby to
nicotine, but also affects the taste of breast milk.

Women who smoke during pregnancy produce amniotic fluid that contains
eight times as much cotinine as the amniotic fluid produced by
non-smokers. Present in tobacco products, this alkaloid causes an increase in the risk of developing a cleft palate.
Furthermore, cotinine has also been associated with neural tube defects.

Neural tube defects are birth defects that are found in the spine, spinal
cord, or brain. Neural tube defects include permanent conditions, such as
Spina Bifida, Encephalocele, and Lipomeningocele. Unfortunately for
smoking mothers, there are no cures for these conditions. Partial or
complete paralysis and brain damage are possible consequences when a fetus develops one of the aforementioned defects.

Studies also show that women who smoke during pregnancy often misinform
their medical care providers that they are non-smokers. Based on health
assessments, approximately 6 percent of women who are likely smokers tell
their doctors that they do not smoke.

Although embarrassment is the primary reason for withholding information
about smoking habits, pregnant women who smoke may exasperate negative
health effects by failing to tell their doctors about their smoking
habits. Knowing a woman is smoking during pregnancy allows obstetricians
to offer guidance when it comes to smoking cessation and ensuring the best health for the unborn child. Informed health care professionals are also better prepared for common maternal and fetal health issues during

Smoking women struggle in their attempt to overcome their nicotine
addiction even after they’ve discovered their pregnancy status. They’re
not to blame as nicotine has an addictive hold on 42.5 million Americans.
Oftentimes, even learning about their pregnancy isn’t compelling enough to cause an expectant mother to quit smoking. Many pregnant women desperately looking to stop smoking turn to nicotine replacement therapy products for help. However, they may not realize the extremely addictive nicotine is still being ingested and passed onto their unborn child.

The best way to quit is to use a natural and nicotine-free method that
eliminates the health risks and side effects from nicotine and tobacco.
Each cigarette has 4,000 toxic ingredients in every single one of them.
Natural smoking cessation methods can prevent an array of health problems
that have been associated with smoking during pregnancy. One stop smoking
method that is gaining traction among people who want to quit without
using nicotine replacement therapies like the patch, gum, or lozenges is
the new Freedom Quit Smoking System. It was developed as an all-natural
and drug-free method to quit smoking without nicotine. In today’s day and
age, people are looking for natural solutions—which have no side
effects—to overcome their smoking addiction. The Freedom Quit Smoking
System is a proven method that gives the smoker an array of support tools
to assist with the physical, psychological, detoxifying, and educational
aspects of permanently breaking their nicotine addiction. In a third party conducted research study, an astounding 70 percent of the Freedom Quit Smoking System subjects declared they quit smoking for a minimum of 30 days.

Whether you are a pregnant mother or simply an addicted smoker seeking
help to stop smoking, an all-natural and nicotine-free method is worth
looking into. While there may be other natural and nicotine-free smoking
cessation products out there, the Freedom Quit Smoking System appears to
be gaining the most momentum as smokers across the country turn to this
innovative and convenient at-home 10 day program.

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